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UsingTalentSmarter is the final step in the comprehensive Strategic Doing™ strategy.  Focused on the alignment of your employees with your strategic objectives, we help you understand:

  • The delegation process of strategic objectives:  organizational vs personal goal setting and the action steps to manage this process
  • How to decrease the gap between management objectives and employee objectives
  • What it means to be a learning organization and how to instill these qualities in your employees
  • How different learning styles and personalities affect the implementation of your strategic plan
  • Why hiring people with distinct qualities is directly linked to the adoption of your strategic goals and their successful completion
  • How invisible environmental barriers limit success and strategic roll out 
  • How to identify critical areas inhibiting organizational learning and growth
The importance of people/process alignment and structural conflict

Jim Carwardine Bio

Jim Carwardine is the President of OYF Consulting.  A seasoned business owner, Jim is a renowned futurist, innovator and strategic facilitator with 39 years of dynamic business experience.  Responsible for successful process development at leading businesses such as Heritage Credit Union, Stora Enso and Loblaws, Jim has international insight into what it take to successfully create, design and construct the interfaces where people meet process.

Currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jim is a believer in the “Fire before you Hire Principal”. His consultancy is an end to end human resources support business providing science based assessments and productivity tools to businesses seeking to attract, hire and engage the right people.  Jim fosters fast, permanent evolution of business management processes and has helped hundreds of clients achieve optimum performance. 

The author of I Can’t Take the Cure, I’m Too Busy- Having the Disease, Jim has held a variety of managerial and consultancy roles.  He has been a change catalyst for firms such as Dow Chemical, Honeywell and Leland Equipment.  Employing performance improving techniques, Jim’s practical knowledge and hands on involvement has formed his leadership and coaching abilities. 

Jim has worked as a peer facilitator with top CEOs for the past 17 years.  His career track includes a ten year work term in Saudi Arabia as an internal management consultant and disaster recovery coordinator.  He attended the University of Western Ontario, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 1970 and continues to interface his managerial and technical experiences. 

A father of two grown children, Jim is passionate about schooners and preserving the natural waterways of Nova Scotia.  He has sat on a variety of community boards and is an active panelist for leading human resource related topics.