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Sharon Beasley, VP Operations, ACA Co-perative:
“Omnia has been and continues to work with our organization on our recruitment process and retention and development of our current employees. Omnia consultants have worked with all levels of management from our president to our plant supervisors. Omnia's service delivery and professionalism are excellent, regardless of who they are working with in our organization.”

Phil Tower, Senior Manager, Loblaw:
“Omnia consultants are very good at listening to a clients' needs and then suggesting different approaches. Omnia works on the leading edge of Attraction & Retention and has a deep understanding of the science pertaining to "Hiring and Job Fit". Omnia consultants are also very personal with a mature calmness that makes them well suited to addressing groups and explaining new concepts or tool usage.”

Dave Finlatson, Sales Manager, Helly Hanson
“Omnia helped me as I moved through a variety of sales and entrepreneurial roles. Omnia consultants have a broad depth of knowledge and is never pushy with sales and advice. Omnia is an advocate of finding your own solution, guided by Omnia's knowledge of business matters.”

Jean Candy, Executive Director, Nova Scotia Nurses Union
“We found the Omnia process to be extremely accurate and helpful in selecting the right people.  We used both the Step One Survey and the Profile XT.”

Glen Carrigan, President, EmbroideMe Canada Limited.
“I’ve taken many top level training programs and none of them produced results like Omnia.  Every problem that has been put on the table has been solved.”

John Cross, President and CEO (ret.), Heritage Credit Union
“I have three lines of process I’m working with… strategic planning with my Board, HR work with another consultant and the my own work with the Omnia process. All three lines have converged into a single focus as a result of the Omnia process. It all makes sense to me now. This will take HCU to the next level.”

Pat d’Entremont, President, DDA Consulting
“Omnia opens up a whole new dimension of thinking for us. As a result, my job has become much more effective and rewarding. So has the role in other people in the organization. This year looks much better than the previous two on a number of indicators, one being the bottom line.”