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At OYF, we are a firm believer that people are the difference.  We want to make sure you have the right people on your team and that they, as well as your leadership team, are properly equipped to make the right decisions, efficiently and effectively.  In saying this, we also practice what we preach.  Below is a list of the business values that we uphold

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Business Value 1

All stakeholders have a role in the success of the business.
They have an active interest in the health, viability and sustainability of the business.

Business Value 2 All employees are responsible and accountable for what they do.
Each employee is self-governing and self-congratulatory. They are not dependent on their supervisor to know when they are successful.
Business Value 3

Competing is wasteful of time, money and energy.
Focusing on being the preferred supplier to a customer is better than focusing on the competition.

Business Value 4

Businesses are prosperous.
Prosperity is not solely profitability. Prosperous businesses account for four bottom lines - Activity, Quality, People and Ecology.

Business Value 5

Share of customer is more important.
Market share is irrelevant when customer loyalty is vulnerable. Every business is built one customer at a time. Gaining a larger share of an existing customer's discretionary spending is more important than gaining a new customer.

Business Value 6

Repeat business and referrals are the highest leverage, most effective selling technique.
Each new customer costs 5 times as much as a new sale from an existing customer. Each referral automatically passes the trust connection.

Business Value 10

Leadership is central to successful business.
Leadership by example at all levels of the enterprise is the preferred method of leading. It requires effective self leadership before leading others.

Business Value 11

Learning is the most valuable activity a business can do.
Learning organizations have the best chance of surviving and thriving.